Sankalp Academy is one of the fastest growing entrance test prep coaching institute building the conceptual & technology based education system for CBSE / RBSE .we also offer different Graduation coaching classes BSc. ,B.Ag.

With the motto to unleash the potential of individual, our teaching program is not only preparing them to face the challenges but keep developing them to recognize their inner strength & potential.

At Sankalp Academy, the training is being imparted by professional experts with teaching expertise. The curriculum has been defined in a way that takes care of theoretical aspects including the knowledge of conceptualization processes with the origin of basic ideas.

Now-a-days, Technology has a big role & great impact on the education system. So we at Sankalp Academy have introduced digital learning system into the classroom along with projectors. Our Responsibility is not only limited by teaching in the classroom but to raise the quality & standard of education with the ideology to provide top class learning to the students.

Best Scientific Teaching Methods
We have dedicated and experienced faculty for each and every subject. The best teachers, like the best leaders, have an uncanny ability to step outside themselves and become liberating forces in our lives. So, the best amongst the lot joined hands with us to bring complete understanding of the subject and arsenal of problem-solving techniques for efficient and effective studying. Our faculty team comprise of perfect blend of academicians and subject experts. They are trained to better the learning process for students.

We have scientifically designed methodology to filter out best from the existing lot. Regular soft training workshops are held for the faculty members to ensure that teaching methods, subject knowledge, problem solving tricks are always up to the mark. Constant update of classroom problems as suggested by our R&D team is incorporated to make sure that students are exposed to latest and ever changing patterns of these competitive examinations.

Classroom Teaching – The Core

Whatever the pattern may be, whatever the exam may be, exams try to judge the analytical ability and understanding of fundamentals of the aspirants. Students having strong fundamentals with persistence practice always outperform the students who confine their preparations to exam patterns.

Here at Sankalp, our main concern is firm foundation of basic concepts which leads to a better preparation eventually. Lectures not only explain the core concepts but are also supplemented with treasure of tips to apply the concepts numerically. Every effort is made to make the concepts easily understandable to the highest level in every topic using real life examples, graphical illustrations, audio video inputs and other teaching aids.

Study Material & Worksheets – Mind Gym

Scientifically designed, sufficiently clear and precise theory notes followed by ample number of illustrations and questions capturing all flavors and difficulty levels constitute our study material. The lectures run in perfect harmony with the provided study material to produce the best possible results. Constant review is done to keep hold of changing pattern, new type of problems and to ensure error-free material.

Daily worksheets, a unique concept, give Sankalp remarkable edge over others. Students are given a set of problems at end of each topic covering all grades of questions ranging from board level to brain teasers. Intentionally, solution keys are not provided with worksheets to discourage students from looking for answers before giving in full effort. These worksheets increase retainablity of concept, develop healthy academic habits, give application expertise, enhance concentration levels and boost self-studying stamina which eventually ensures success in various competitive examinations.

Regular Tests – Progress Tracker
At Sankalp, different types of tests are conducted. All of these tests are conducted at CBSE board and RBSE Board level.

Doubt Clearing Sessions – Concept Clarity

According to a study, 65% of students have doubts/queries while revising the topic or doing home assignments. Sankalp Academy has seamless mechanism to address individual doubts. After batch lectures, small group discussions are conducted and if still requirement of individual doubt remedies arise, we arrange one-o-one sessions as per the faculty timings and student request.

Regular Motivational Sessions – Stay at your best

Conquering any major uphill task in one’s life start with self confidence, believing in own abilities and having faith in hard-working capabilities. Once you start believing, half task is already done. To get best possible outcome, it is necessary to stay energised. We make sure to provide periodic morale booster to the students by conducting regular motivational sessions. These sessions are conducted personally by Mr Naresh Soni to inspire our students.

SWOT analysis means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis. Deep analysis of test performance helps us in alarming students early about their weak areas. This will help immensely to students as it will give them sufficient time to work on and avoid last minute hiccups or unexpected results. Nobody is perfect and accepting short comings as early as possible to work upon them, makes sure that students get best possible results.

Mr. Naresh Soni is a Mechanical Engineer, completed his graduation (B.Tech) in 2015. After that he had been associated with various Companies and had worked in capacity of Senior Engineer. Being an entrepreneur at Sankalp Academy started on 17 April, 2017, with the vision to create an institute where he can make his students to excel in terms of thought, ideology and performance, he took up teaching as a full time profession. His vision and dedication has resulted in Sankalp Academy today being recognized as the Pioneer Institution in the CBSE. It was his only passion for teaching which forced him to start Sankalp Academy.